Saturday, February 19, 2011

Power of the Ghost Shrimp

Ghost shrimp is the ultimate fishing bait for the west coast in my opinion. Ghost shrimp is like candy to a wide variety of saltwater fish. Literally anything will eat them which means more fish to be caught. The thing that I like about using ghost shrimp is that you never know what your going to catch because so many different fish go after them. You can use ghost shrimp in the bays, beaches or out deep in the ocean. 

Where to get ghost shrimp?
There's a couple options when wanting to get ghost shrimp
  • Your local tackle/bait shop may have some for sale. However, buying ghost shrimp at a local tackle shop can get a little expensive in my opinion. 
  • Buy or make your own ghost shrimp pump. Your local tackle shops should have many ghost shrimp pumps for sale. They usually sell for around 30.00 and is well worth the money in my opinion. You can also search "How to make a ghost shrimp pump". 
When getting your own ghost shrimp make sure you have a fishing license. The limit is 50 ghost shrimp per fishing license. Also, when pumping ghost shrimp make sure it's low tide (negative tide is best). Go out to your local bays or lagoons and look for small holes in the sand. That is where you need to pump.

Fish ghost shrimp on a "baitholder" style hook to ensure the shrimp doesn't fall off. Also, fish ghost shrimp on a carolina rig or drop shot rig on the bottom. There is a small slit at the end of the shrimps tail. Put the point of the hook through that small slit and slide through the tail so the shrimp covers a majority of the hook. Be careful because they are very fragile.

This is how to pump ghost shrimp

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