Friday, February 18, 2011

New T&C swim grubs

I've heard a lot about these new 3" swim grubs made by T&C Lures in San Diego. There's a lot of people catching nice fish on these baits, so I decided to go ahead and order some. These baits are half swimbait half grub "swimgrub". I also ordered some 1/4 ounce leadheads from the same company that match up perfect with the swimgrub. I can tell that the curly tail is going to provide a lot of action.

My first impression of these baits are great. They look and feel really nice. I can tell the makers put a lot of time and effort on these baits. They even come with a little scent on them which is nice. These are the colors that I ordered: Ghost shrimp, aquamarine, razor clam and black widow. Im really looking forward to fishing these new baits and catching tons of fish on them. 

1 comment:

  1. Time for some pics with the baits hanging from the grills of some fishies!

    Kevin Taylor
    T&C Lures