Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Drop shot technique

Drop shotting is all about finesse. This is how I like to fish the drop shot rig:

  • Cast as far as I can
  • Let it sink to the bottom
  • Reel in slack and point rod at about 10 o'clock
  • Now shake the rod tip up and down while keeping the sinker on the ground (do not lift sinker off the bottom). This should be done using your wrist
  • Do this for about 3-5 seconds then stop
  • Slooowly reel in bait for about 3-5 seconds then stop
  • Repeat process until bait is back to you
The trick is to present the bait as an injured fish when shaking the rod tip up and down. I try to imagine what the bait looks like under the water when doing this. Most of the time the bite comes right after the shaking or when slowly working the bait towards you. 
Spotted bay bass caught by using the drop shot technique listed above

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  1. Nate! Excited to see you've jumped into blogging with your passion! Go for it, let me know how I can help with any tips I've learned blogging.

    Your pics look great too!

    Call me or e-mail me anytime.

    Uncle E