Sunday, May 29, 2011

Report: My first Corvina

Me and my buddy Tony decided to have a change of pace and soak some ghost shrimp on the Coronado Ferry Landing pier in Coronado, CA. I heard of anglers catching big Sargo and yellowfin croaker at the pier, so we gave it a shot. The tide was very low when we got there and it was still dropping, but we still made the best out of it. We didn't catch any of our target species (Sargo), but we did manage a nice little variety of fish. I also scored my first Corvina which made be pretty happy. My technique of casting the ghost shrimp out and slowly reeling it back worked out for me.

Bait of choice: Ghost Shrimp, drop shot rig, 1/2 ounce torpedo sinker, #1 size baitholder style hook

Fish Count: 4 Spotted Bay bass, 1 Calico bass, 2 Sculpin, 1 Lizard fish, 1 Sand bass, 1 Corvina

My first Corvina. Not too big but I scratched one off the list

 The View

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Increase your chances : Bait Scent

Using scent is a great way to increase your chances when fishing in salt or freshwater. In my opinion, bait scent makes a world of a difference when fishing artificial baits. There are plenty of different scents on the market from krill to squid. So, if your not using bait scent you should start. You won't regret it.
My current scents. UniButter and Gulp Alive shrimp flavor

Why use bait scent?
  • It eliminates human scents such as lotions, sunscreen, cigarettes and cigars
  • It leaves a scent trail that will attract a fish from a distance 
  • When fish bite they stay on the bait longer because it tastes like the real thing, which means better chances of landing the fish
  • Leaves a nice slimy coat on your bait
  • Keeps your bait from drying up, leaving a more life like action
Some popular scents
  • Uni Butter - Most powerful scent in my opinion
  • Hot Sauce - Another effective scent
  • Berkley Gulp! Alive - Powerful scent that comes in easy spray bottle
  • Eagle Claw - Many different flavors from squid to anchovy with glitter
  • Pro Cure - I have never tried them but have heard good things. Tons of different flavors
Personally, my favorite go to scent right now is Uni Butter because of it's powerful smell and it's ability to increase my fish count. However, other bait scents like the ones listed above can be just as effective. It' s really up to you. The thing I like about the Berkley Gulp spray bottle is that it is easier to apply and less messy. Just be careful to not touch your face after handling bait scents unless you want to smell it all day long =p. That's the only thing you'll regret about using scents. 

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Fish Report: 5/4/2011

Today I was able to head out into San Diego bay with my friend Tony and his dad on their boat. Overall, it was a great day on the water. We each caught a number of quality spotted bay bass and sand bass. Heres the report. Enjoy!

Location: San Diego Bay 
Time: 8:15 am  - 12:00 pm
Conditions: Perfect. Beautiful Southern California weather. About    80 degrees
Tide: Nice incoming tide 1.83 ft to 3.36 ft
Baits: 3" big hammer swimbaits in clear red flake matched up with red 3/8 ounce lead heads, T&C Lures swimgrubs in aquamarine and ghost shrimp colors. 
Fish Caught: Spotted Bay Bass, Sand Bass, Mackerel, Lizard Fish