Monday, March 14, 2011

San Diego Bay 3/13/11

Decided to do a skiff day with my dad and friend Tony in San Diego bay. We rented a skiff from Seaforth Boat Rentals in Coronado, CA. We were on the water by 9:30. The day started out really slow with only a couple fish being landed here and there. In fact, I didn't catch a fish for the first three hours we were fishing.

There was minimal tidal movement and not very much drift at all which made us work even harder to catch fish. Our baits were constantly being attacked by the infamous lizard fish. It was pretty irritating...All three of us were using the drop shot rig with various gulp products and T&C swimgrubs. Most of the fish were caught near or under the Coronado bridge. Overall, fishing was really slow but we made the best out of it and caught a decent amount of fish. It was a good day!

         Tony with a nice fat Sculpin 
Me with a decent halibut
      My Dad with a nice Spotted Bay Bass

Me with a nice Spotty

                            The usual suspect

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