Monday, January 2, 2012

Goals for 2012

2011 was an overall good year of fishing for me. I put in a lot of time on the water and it really paid off. I learned some new things and caught a couple new species such as bonefish, sargo, and pile perch. I caught tons of fish especially over the summer, but I was missing something. QUALITY! Don't get me wrong, I love catching tons of fish in one outing, but I wouldn't mind giving up a fish or two for one really nice quality fish. I'm expecting 2012 to be a great year for me not just with fishing, but life in general. I'm really looking forward to trying new things and continuing to grow as an angler and as a person.

My Fishing Goals for 2012
  • Catch a Spotfin Croaker
  • Catch BIGGER fish
  • Start targeting and catching BIG Leapord Sharks and Bat Rays
  • Catch a topwater Corvina
  • Catch at Halibut bigger than 22"
  • Catch a fish on my Lucky Craft Flash Minnow
  • Find new fishing spots
  • Catch a freshwater Large Mouth Bass
  • Catch a freshwater Striped Bass
  • Keep learning and sharing 

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