Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Storing Ghost Shrimp

Knowing how to store your ghost shrimp overnight is a good thing to know. Whether you are saving them for a future date or you have some left over, these tips will help you keep them alive.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic container of some sort 
  • Paper towels or anything that will absorb water
  • Ice or ice pack
  1. Soak one the one of the paper towels in saltwater or water from the sink. I prefer saltwater though
  2. Lay the damp paper towel in the plastic container or on a flat surface
  3. In the middle of the paper towel, put about 10-15 ghost shrimp in there trying not to overcrowd them too much. You must allow space for flaps to fold over the ghost shrimp
  4. Fold the flaps over the ghost shrimp
  5. Keep repeating the process. There should be layers of paper towels in your plastic container
  6. Throw the plastic container in the refrigerator or in a cooler with ice/ice packs

The most important thing to keep in my when storing ghost shrimp is to keep them COOL. You don't want them to be too cold either. This method should keep the ghost shrimp alive for a couple of days. When you look at them the next day they may look dead, but once you touch them they should become lively again. You'll know when they are dead because there will be a strong odor and they will be soft and mushy to the touch. Try to keep them cool even when transporting and when your out fishing. 

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