Sunday, January 30, 2011

Artificial Baits

Artificial baits are always a great weapon of choice when fishing. Artificial baits can catch a wide variety of fish when using the right techniques, and often out fishes real bait.

Why do I prefer to use artificial baits?
  • They last longer than real bait
  • They can be used over and over again 
  • Some baits like Berkley Gulp come pre scented with fish attractant
  • Easy accessible
  • Less messy 
Here is a list of some of my favorite artificial baits
1. 2.5" Berkley Gulp shrimp - nuclear chicken color (Good for catching bass, halibut, croaker)
2. 3" Berkley Gulp minnow - watermelon pearl (Great for catching bass, halibut, croaker) A majority of      the fish I catch are caught on this bait
3. 3" Big hammer swimbait - sexy smelt color (Great for bass and halibut)
4. 5" Berkley Gulp Saltwater powerbait - New penny color (Great bait to use on a boat for calico bass, sand bass, spotted bay bass and halibut
5. 3" Bass Assassin shad - crown ice color (Good for bass and halibut)
6. 5" Berkley Gulp jerk shad - nuclear chicken color (Great for bass, also big halibut seem to love this bait)
7. 5" Bass assassin shad - Opening night color (Good for bass and halibut, also caught a nice smooth hound shark on this bait)
8. 3" Berkley Gulp shrimp - New penny color (Great for bass, halibut, croaker)

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  1. Artificial lure is very wonderful to use especially that it can easily attract fishes. Good thing that you have some kind of information that would help other people know what kind of artificial lure they are going to use. Thanks for sharing this.